The Boathouse Restaurant

Open for Lunch + Dinner | Wednesday-Sunday, 12-8pm
Closed Mondays + Tuesdays

No Reservations | Walk-Ins Only

The Boathouse is a waterfront hotel and restaurant located on the banks of the Kennebunk River.  Surrounded by working marinas, The Boathouse epitomizes its chic, coastal locale in Kennebunkport: The newly designed space is bright and sunny with nautical influences. Splashes of red & golden yellow create a welcoming and energetic space, making it the place to be seen in KPT all year long.

Chef John Shaw’s “classic Maine” menu focuses on fresh seafood with a sprinkling of Asian influences with a full Lobster Bar serving Maine oysters, Little Neck clams, and scallop crudo.  Featuring two bars serving creative craft cocktails and outdoor dining on a wrap-around deck, The Boathouse will quickly become a favorite of locals and guests alike.


The Boathouse Restaurant now offers take-out. Order online or call the restaurant at 207-967-8225 for curbside pick-up. Online ordering is available Wednesday-Friday, 12-7pm.

Please Note: Oysters To Go are unshucked. The To Go Cocktail Menu is different than our Cocktail Menu available for in-person dining at The Boathouse.

Goodbye 2021; Hello 2022!! Join us at The Boathouse to ring in the new year – Enjoy a pre-fixe menu, Magic Mirror selfie station, and tunes by DJ Haylstorm. 

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Maine Seafood with a Twist

With a focus on Maine seafood, our menu features classics like New England Clam Chowder & Lobster Roll; as well as fan-favorites like the Buffalo Fried Shrimp & Short Rib Ramen Bowl. With fresh oysters delivered daily and an extensive beer, wine, and cocktail menu, there really is something for everyone.



Online Ordering

The Boathouse Restaurant offers take-out, Wed-Fri from 12-7pm. Order online or call the restaurant at 207-967-8225 for curbside pick-up.

Please Note: Oysters To Go are unshucked. The To-Go Cocktail Menu is different than our Cocktail Menu available for in-person dining.

Boathouse waterfront restaurant lobster spring roll on black plate with toasted sesame seeds Kennebunkport Maine restaurant


Happy Hour

Kennebunkport’s Happiest Hours! Join us at The Boathouse Restaurant for happy hour specials on food & drink! Wednesday-Friday, from 3-5pm.

Boathouse Hotel Stay Packages


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Ski Gondolas


To help you enjoy a festive, yet socially distant meal, The Boathouse is offering private, heated outdoor dining options – two red Gondolas! Inside, a space heater will keep parties of 2-6 warm and cozy as you enjoy The Boathouse’s signature service, exceptional food, and seasonal drinks.

Hours of Operation:

  • Open Wednesday-Sunday, 12-8pm (closed Mondays & Tuesdays)
  • December 1-12, 2021: $250 food & beverage minimum for Christmas Prelude
  • Beginning December 13th, there is a $150 food & beverage minimum

Gondolas can be reserved for 1.5 hours. A credit card is required to reserve the private dining spaces; and a $25/person cancellation fee will be applied for cancellations within 24 hours. Available by reservation only via The Boathouse Restaurant OpenTable.


Safety Protocols

Thank you for joining us, we are excited to see you!

Here in Kennebunkport, the vast majority of our small businesses depend on tourism. To ensure all visitors to our town are free to enjoy themselves, our local hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions have been working hard to make Kennebunkport cleaner and safer than ever.

The Boathouse Restaurant offers in-restaurant dining inside as well as private dining spaces on our outdoor deck.  A variety of safety precautions have been implemented including reduced capacity and hand sanitizing stations. For our full Kennebunkport Promise, please visit

A few things to note while you’re here:

  • Valet parking is $5.00 per vehicle (Memorial Day to Labor Day, cash only). Free street parking around Kennebunkport is available.
  • Curbside Take-Out is available.
  • At this time we are seating inside & outside; table requests are noted, but not guaranteed.
  • All members of your party must be present to be seated.
  • If you have a cough or fever, please join us when you are feeling better!
  • Be Kind. We ask for your patience and kindness as we navigate changes in our service and policies.
  • Stay Calm. Getting agitated, annoyed, and not following our guidelines won’t help anyone. These policies are for all of our health and safety.
  • Have Fun and enjoy yourselves! We are happy to be back at work and doing what we love! Thank you for supporting us.
  • Require employees to wear cloth face coverings and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Good hand hygiene prevents spread of disease. The best hand hygiene is frequent handwashing. Remind employees to practice good hand hygiene with frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing especially between contact with customers and customer items.
  • Gloves are not a replacement for good hygiene. If you wear gloves, change them frequently and wash between customers and activities.
  • Hand sanitizer may not be used in place of handwashing for food production.
  • Where possible, stagger employee shifts and meal breaks to avoid crowding in common work areas.
  • Ensure employees stay 6 feet apart whenever practical.
  • Adjust seating in break rooms and other common areas to reflect physical distancing practices.
  • Prohibit gatherings or meetings of employees of 10 or more during working hours.
  • Permit employees to take breaks and lunch outside, or in such other areas where physical distancing is attainable.
  • Do not allow employee food or drink in food service areas.
  • Limit interaction between employees and outside visitors or delivery drivers; implement touchless receiving practices if possible.
  • Adjust training and new employee orientation to limit number of people involved and allow for 6 foot spacing; use virtual/video/audio training when possible.
  • Limit sharing of handheld equipment, phones, desks, workstations, and other tools and equipment between employees to the extent possible.
  • Provide employee training for:
    – physical distancing guidelines and expectations
    – monitoring personal health
    – proper wear, removal, disposal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    – laundering of face coverings and uniforms as listed below
    – cleaning protocols as listed below
    – how to monitor personal health and body temperature at home
    – guidance on how to launder cloth face coverings and uniforms: see CDC, Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility, How to Disinfect: Laundry
    – cleaning protocol, including how to safely and effectively use cleaning supplies.
  • Consider employee training in safe de-escalation techniques.
  • Entertainment personnel should follow the same physical distancing and cloth face covering guidelines as other employees.
  • Inform your customers of your COVID policies and procedures in advance, if possible.
  • Place signage at entrances and throughout the store alerting customers to COVID policies, especially to maintain 6 feet physical distance to the extent possible.
  • Consistent with Executive Order 49 FY 19/20, customers should wear cloth face coverings when in a food service facility where social distancing is difficult (e.g., waiting in line for pickup, entering or exiting, walking to the restrooms). Customers do not need to wear face coverings when seated at the table.
  • Use reservations with call ahead or online as a best practice.
  • Establishments may call, use a text alert or intercom system to alert guests that their table is ready. Only one member of a party may wait inside in the waiting area and must remain at least 6 feet apart.
  • Avoid crowding at restaurant entrance and maintain physical distancing in any waiting line.
  • Maintain physical distancing protocols during guest check-in and seating.
  • Communicate to customers that they should not come to the restaurant if they have a fever or cough.
  • Consider offering exclusive early hours to seniors and other high-risk individuals.
  • Consider adjusting store hours of operation, as necessary, to support social distancing efforts by limiting number of customers at one time.
  • Minimize customer and staff interactions by assigning wait staff to ‘areas’ and tables. If possible, keep staff work groups to same days/shifts to minimize staff exposures.
  • For contact tracing purposes, maintain records of customers, including one customer name and contact information per party and the server of the table.
  • Limit restroom occupancy for group restrooms to incorporate physical distancing and avoid formation of waiting lines outside of restrooms.
  • Menus should be laminated or plastic covered and sanitized after each use, or single use paper.
  • Continue take out, curbside and delivery with beer, wine and cocktails.
  • Maximum group party size of eight people.
  • Dining room tables should be spaced at least 6 feet apart.
  • The total number of people any one time should be no more than 50 people per room and each party must be 6 feet apart from other parties. This also applies to outdoor seating areas. Have a back-up plan for outdoor seating that adheres to physical distance requirements in case of inclement weather.
  • Bar or counter service within restaurant establishments must follow physical distance guidelines. Provide physical barriers to protect customers and wait staff such as partitions or plexiglass barriers or face coverings plus face shields for staff if there is not 6 feet of distance between customers and counter staff.
  • Establishments where counter service is combined with liquor service must also take measures to ensure customers do not congregate at the counter.
  • Bar areas within restaurants must close at the same time the kitchen closes for dining patrons.
  • Where practical, especially in booth seating, physical barriers are acceptable.
  • Use EPA-approved cleaning and disinfectant products to wipe down dining room tables and chairs after each party.
  • Provide only single use condiments at this time.
  • Suspend salad bars buffets at this time.
  • Minimize other self-service areas such as drink stations. To the extent possible, use contactless dispensers to minimize hand touching. Replace multi-use condiments with single-serve packets. Other suggestions to minimize multi-touch surfaces include providing single-wrap utensils, straws, and lids provided at any take-out or self-seating point of sale. Self-service areas require frequent cleaning and disinfection.
  • Allow expanded seasonal outdoor dining, with distancing protocols, in parking lots, sidewalks and expanded patios, etc.
  • Use disposable napkins and table covers instead of cloth linens. If cloth linens are used, change between customers.
  • Children need to remain seated with their party. No play areas or shared toys; single use crayons only.